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Medicine Medicine. 96(42):e8352, 2017 Oct One-stage posterior approaches for treatment of thoracic spinal infection: Transforaminal and costotransversectomy, compared with anterior approach with posterior instrumentation. Kao, Fu-Cheng;Tsai, Tsung-Ting;Niu, Chi-Chien;Lai, Po-Liang;Chen, Lih-Huei;Chen, Wen-Jer / 長庚紀念醫院;長庚大學
Medicine Medicine. 96(42):e8340, 2017 Oct Esmolol pretreatment attenuates heart rate increase and parasympathetic inhibition during rapid increases in desflurane concentration: A preliminary randomized study. Kao, Ming-Chang;Tzeng, I-Shiang;Chan, Hsiao-Lung / 慈濟大學;慈濟醫院;長庚大學;長庚紀念醫院
Medicine Medicine. 96(42):e8339, 2017 Oct Comparison of the efficacy of Gd-EOB-DTPA-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic resonance elastography in the detection and staging of hepatic fibrosis. Wu, Wen-Pei;Hoi, Cheng-In;Chen, Ran-Chou;Lin, Ching-Po;Chou, Chen-Te / 彰化基督教醫院;國立陽明大學
Medicine Medicine. 96(42):e8306, 2017 Oct Pediatric types I and VI choledochal cysts complicated with acute pancreatitis and spontaneous perforation: A case report and literature review. Tsai, Ching-Chung;Huang, Po-Kai;Liu, Hsien-Kuan;Su, Yu-Tsun;Yang, Ming-Chun;Yeh, Ming-Lun / 義大醫院;義守大學
Medicine Medicine. 96(42):e8041, 2017 Oct Effect of alcohol intoxication on the risk of venous thromboembolism: A nationwide retrospective cohort study. Shen, Chih-Jung;Kao, Chia-Hung;Hsu, Tai-Yi;Chen, Chih-Yu;Lin, Cheng-Li;Shih, Hong-Mo / 亞洲大學;中國醫藥大學附設醫院
Medicine Medicine. 96(42):e7323, 2017 Oct Convex border of peripheral non-small cell lung cancer on CT images as a potential indicator of pleural invasion. Hsu, Jui-Sheng;Jaw, Twei-Shiun;Yang, Chih-Jen;Lin, Shiou-Fu;Shih, Ming-Chen Paul;Chou, Shah-Hwa;Chong, Inn-Wen;Lin, Ming-Yen;Chiang, I-Chan / 高雄醫學大學;高雄醫學大學附設中和紀念醫院;衛生福利部台北醫院
Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.) Epidemiology. 28 Suppl 1:S126-S132, 2017 Oct Interaction Between Catalase Gene Promoter Polymorphisms and Indoor Environmental Exposure in Childhood Allergic Rhinitis. Chen, Hsin-I;Lin, Yu-Ting;Jung, Chau-Ren;Hwang, Bing-Fang / 中國醫藥大學;亞洲大學
Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.) Epidemiology. 28 Suppl 1:S121-S125, 2017 Oct Use of Genetic Algorithm Combinational Single-nucleotide Polymorphisms Could Modify the Association of Blood Lead Levels and Bone Matrix Density. Chen, Chien-Juan;Chang, Hsueh-Wei;Yang, Cheng-Hong;Chuang, Hung-Yi;Yu, Hsin-Su / 高雄醫學大學;高雄應用科技大學;高雄醫學大學附設中和紀念醫院;國家衛生研究院
Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.) Epidemiology. 28 Suppl 1:S113-S120, 2017 Oct Toxic Metals Increase Serum Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha Levels, Modified by Essential Elements and Different Types of Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha Promoter Single-nucleotide Polymorphisms. Huang, Yung-Cheng;Chang, Wei-Chiao;Shan, Ya-Han;Lin, Chao-Yi;Wang, Chao-Ling;Dai, Chia-Yen;Ho, Chi-Kung;Wu, Ming-Tsang;Chuang, Hung-Yi / 高雄醫學大學附設中和紀念醫院;高雄醫學大學;屏東基督教醫院;台北醫學大學
Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.) Epidemiology. 28 Suppl 1:S106-S112, 2017 Oct Lung Cancer Associated with Arsenic Ingestion: Cell-type Specificity and Dose Response. Kuo, Yau-Chang;Lo, Yu-Shing;Guo, How-Ran / 國立成功大學;國立成功大學醫學院附設醫院;高雄市立聯合醫院
Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.) Epidemiology. 28 Suppl 1:S82-S88, 2017 Oct Association Between Dioxin and Metabolic Syndrome by Age and Sex in an Endemic Area of Exposure in Taiwan. Huang, Chien-Yuan;Lee, Ching-Chang;Chang, Jung-Wei;Cheng, Ya-Yun;Kuo, Yau-Chang;Guo, How-Ran;Wu, Chen-Long / 國立成功大學;奇美醫院;國立成功大學醫學院附設醫院
Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.) Epidemiology. 28 Suppl 1:S74-S81, 2017 Oct Association Between Long-term Exposure to Traffic-related Air Pollution and Inflammatory and Thrombotic Markers in Middle-aged Adults. Su, Ta-Chen;Hwang, Juey-Jen;Yang, Ya-Ru;Chan, Chang-Chuan / 國立臺灣大學醫學院附設醫院;國立臺灣大學
Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.) Epidemiology. 28 Suppl 1:S54-S59, 2017 Oct Air Pollution as a Potential Determinant of Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Population-based Cohort Study in Taiwan. Jung, Chau-Ren;Hsieh, Hui-Ya;Hwang, Bing-Fang / 中國醫藥大學;亞洲大學
Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.) Epidemiology. 28 Suppl 1:S48-S53, 2017 Oct The Risk of Stroke in Physicians: A Population-based Cohort Study in Taiwan. Tam, Hon-Pheng;Lin, Hung-Jung;Weng, Shih-Feng;Hsu, Chien-Chin;Wang, Jhi-Joung;Su, Shih-Bin;Huang, Chien-Cheng;Guo, How-Ran / 奇美醫院;南台科技大學;台北醫學大學;高雄醫學大學;國立成功大學;國立成功大學醫學院附設醫院
Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.) Epidemiology. 28 Suppl 1:S19-S34, 2017 Oct Birth Cohort Consortium of Asia: Current and Future Perspectives. Kishi, Reiko;Zhang, Jun Jim;Ha, Eun-Hee;Chen, Pau-Chung;Tian, Ying;Xia, Yankai;Tsuchiya, Kenji J;Nakai, Kunihiko;Kim, Sungkyoon;Hong, Soo-Jong;Hong, Yun-Chul;Lee, Jeong-Rim;Jan Mohamed, Hamid Jan B;Parajuli, Rajendra Prasad;Adair, Linda S;Chong, Yap Seng;Guo, Yue Leon;Wang, Shu-Li;Nishijo, Muneko;Kido, Teruhiko;Tai, Pham The;Nandasena, Sumal / 國立臺灣大學;國立臺灣大學醫學院附設醫院;國家衛生研究院
Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.) Epidemiology. 28 Suppl 1:S10-S18, 2017 Oct Prenatal and Childhood Exposure to Phthalate Diesters and Thyroid Function in a 9-Year Follow-up Birth Cohort Study: Taiwan Maternal and Infant Cohort Study. Huang, Han-Bin;Chuang, Chia-Jui;Su, Pen-Hua;Sun, Chien-Wen;Wang, Chien-Jen;Wu, Ming-Tsang;Wang, Shu-Li / 國防醫學院;國家衛生研究院;中山醫學大學附設醫院;高雄醫學大學附設中和紀念醫院;高雄醫學大學;中國醫藥大學
Epidemiology (Cambridge, Mass.) Epidemiology. 28 Suppl 1:S1-S2, 2017 Oct The Fourth Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology in the Asia Chapter Region. Guo, How-Ran / 國立成功大學;國立成功大學醫學院附設醫院
Circulation. Cardiovascular genetics Circulation. Cardiovascular Genetics. 10(5), 2017 Oct Prediction for Intravenous Immunoglobulin Resistance by Using Weighted Genetic Risk Score Identified From Genome-Wide Association Study in Kawasaki Disease. Kuo, Ho-Chang;Wong, Henry Sung-Ching;Chang, Wei-Pin;Chen, Ben-Kuen;Wu, Mei-Shin;Yang, Kuender D;Hsieh, Kai-Sheng;Hsu, Yu-Wen;Liu, Shih-Feng;Liu, Xiao;Chang, Wei-Chiao / 台北醫學大學;長庚紀念醫院;國立成功大學;馬偕紀念醫院;國立陽明大學;中央研究院;高雄醫學大學
Computers, informatics, nursing : CIN CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing. 35(10):530-537, 2017 Oct Experience of Home Telehealth Technology in Older Patients With Diabetes. Chang, Chi-Ping;Lee, Ting-Ting;Mills, Mary Etta / 慈濟大學;國立陽明大學
The Journal of craniofacial surgery Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. 28(7):1786-1788, 2017 Oct Line Laser as an Assistance for Facial and Dental Midlines Evaluation in Single-Splint Orthognathic Surgery. Yu, Chung-Chih;Chen, Yu-Ray;Lin, James Cheng-Yi / 長庚紀念醫院;長庚大學;國防醫學院
Plastic and reconstructive surgery Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 140(4):630e-631e, 2017 Oct Comparing Round and Anatomically Shaped Implants in Augmentation Mammaplasty: The Experts' Ability to Differentiate the Type of Implant. Agko, Mouchammed;Heden, Per / 中國醫藥大學附設醫院
Implant dentistry Implant Dentistry. 26(5):751-755, 2017 Oct Evaluation of Buccal Bone Concavity in the Esthetic Zone: A Cadaver Study. Chung, Ming-Pang;Wang, I-Ching;Chan, Hsun-Liang;Wang, Hom-Lay / 三軍總醫院 ;國防醫學院
Stroke Stroke. 48(10):e312, 2017 Oct Response by Lee and Ovbiagele to Letter Regarding Article, "Antiplatelet Regimen for Patients With Breakthrough Strokes While on Aspirin: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis". Lee, Meng;Ovbiagele, Bruce / 長庚大學;長庚紀念醫院
Implant dentistry Implant Dentistry. 26(5):700-705, 2017 Oct Heat Generation on Implant Surface During Abutment Preparation at Different Elapsed Time Intervals. Al-Keraidis, Abdullah;Aleisa, Khalil;Al-Dwairi, Ziad Nawaf;Al-Tahawi, Hamdi;Hsu, Ming-Lun;Lynch, Edward;Ozcan, Mutlu / 國立陽明大學
Pain Pain. 158(10):1971-1978, 2017 Oct Bidirectional association between fibromyalgia and gastroesophageal reflux disease: two population-based retrospective cohort analysis. Wang, Jia-Chi;Sung, Fung-Chang;Men, Mauranda;Wang, Kevin A;Lin, Cheng-Li;Kao, Chia-Hung /  國立陽明大學;台北榮民總醫院;中國醫藥大學;新光吳火獅紀念醫院;輔仁大學;中國醫藥大學附設醫院;亞洲大學
American journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. 96(10):e191-e192, 2017 Oct Ultrasound Imaging for Dorsal Ulnar Cutaneous Neuropathy With Extensor Carpi Ulnaris Tendinopathy. Chang, Ke-Vin;Wu, Wei-Ting;Ozcakar, Levent / 國立臺灣大學醫學院附設醫院;國立臺灣大學
American journal of physical medicine & rehabilitation American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. 96(10):e189-e190, 2017 Oct Ultrasound-Guided Selective Cervical Root Injection for Postherpetic Neuralgia. Chang, Ke-Vin;Lin, Chih-Peng;Wu, Wei-Ting;Ozcakar, Levent / 國立臺灣大學醫學院附設醫院;國立臺灣大學
Inflammatory bowel diseases Inflammatory Bowel Diseases. 23(10):1730-1740, 2017 Oct SHANK3 Regulates Intestinal Barrier Function Through Modulating ZO-1 Expression Through the PKCepsilon-dependent Pathway. Wei, Shu-Chen;Yang-Yen, Hsin-Fang;Tsao, Po-Nien;Weng, Meng-Tzu;Tung, Chien-Chih;Yu, Linda C H;Lai, Liang-Chuan;Hsiao, Jen-Hao;Chuang, Eric Y;Shun, Chia-Tung;Ni, Yen-Hsuan;Xavier, Ramnik J;Podolsky, Daniel K;Yen, Jeffery J Y;Wong, Jau-Min / 國立臺灣大學;中央研究院;亞東紀念醫院
The journal of nursing research : JNR Journal of Nursing Research. 25(5):392-397, 2017 Oct Renal Transplant Recipients: The Factors Related to Immunosuppressive Medication Adherence Based on the Health Belief Model. Kung, Pen-Chen;Yeh, Mei Chang;Lai, Ming-Kuen;Liu, Hsueh-Erh / 長庚科技大學;國立臺灣大學;羅東聖母醫院;長庚大學;長庚紀念醫院
Clinical nuclear medicine Clinical Nuclear Medicine. 42(10):e438-e440, 2017 Oct Unusual Presentation of Postradiation Sarcoma With Subsequent Intestinal Metastasis Revealed by 18F-FDG PET/CT. Lee, Tse-Hao;Chang, Cheng-Pei;Wu, Yuan-Hung;Huang, Wen-Sheng / 台北榮民總醫院
Journal of clinical psychopharmacology Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology. 37(5):628-630, 2017 Oct Aripiprazole Improves Psychotic, Cognitive, and Motor Symptoms in a Patient With Lewy Body Dementia. Lee, Cho;Shen, Yu-Chih / 慈濟醫院;慈濟大學
Medicine Medicine. 96(41):e8262, 2017 Oct Endocan expression is correlated with poor progression-free survival in patients with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors. Lin, Liang-Yu;Yeh, Yi-Chen;Chu, Chia-Huei;Won, Justin G S;Shyr, Yi-Ming;Chao, Yee;Li, Chung-Pin;Wang, Shin-E;Chen, Ming-Huang / 台北榮民總醫院;國立陽明大學
Medicine Medicine. 96(41):e8210, 2017 Oct Factors predicting a home death among home palliative care recipients. Ko, Ming-Chung;Huang, Sheng-Jean;Chen, Chu-Chieh;Chang, Yu-Ping;Lien, Hsin-Yi;Lin, Jia-Yi;Woung, Lin-Chung;Chan, Shang-Yih / 臺北市立聯合醫院;國立台北護理健康大學;輔仁大學;國立臺灣大學;衛生福利部台北醫院
Medicine Medicine. 96(41):e8138, 2017 Oct Koebner phenomenon induced by failed revisional orthopedic surgery but remitted with bone union: A case report. Hwang, Yiing-Feng;Wu, Nai-Yuan;Lee, Pei-Yuan / 秀傳紀念醫院;國立陽明大學;國立成功大學
Medicine Medicine. 96(41):e7932, 2017 Oct Anterograde injection of low-dose urokinase salvages free anterolateral thigh flap: A case report of safe and effective treatment. Hsu, Shao-Yun;Cheng, Hsu-Tang;Manrique, Oscar;Hsu, Yung-Chang / 中國醫藥大學附設醫院
Medicine Medicine. 96(40):e8232, 2017 Oct Two-dimensional myocardial deformation in coronary vasospasm-related Takotsubo cardiomyopathy: A case report of a serial echocardiographic study. Hung, Ming-Jui;Ko, Ta;Liang, Chung-Yu;Kao, Yu-Cheng / 長庚紀念醫院;長庚大學
Medicine Medicine. 96(40):e8171, 2017 Oct Outcomes of robotic versus laparoscopic surgery for mid and low rectal cancer after neoadjuvant chemoradiation therapy and the effect of learning curve. Huang, Yu-Min;Huang, Yan Jiun;Wei, Po-Li / 台北醫學大學附設醫院;臺北市立萬芳醫院;台北醫學大學
Medicine Medicine. 96(40):e8158, 2017 Oct Cutaneous sarcoidosis: A retrospective case series and a hospital-based case-control study in Taiwan. Liu, Kwei-Lan;Tsai, Wen-Chien;Lee, Chih-Hung / 長庚紀念醫院;長庚大學
Medicine Medicine. 96(40):e8053, 2017 Oct Serum levels of uncoupling proteins in patients with differential insulin resistance: A community-based cohort study. Pan, Heng-Chih;Lee, Chin-Chan;Chou, Kuei-Mei;Lu, Shang-Chieh;Sun, Chiao-Yin / 長庚紀念醫院;長庚大學
Plastic and reconstructive surgery Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery. 140(4):568e-578e, 2017 Oct Reinforcing the Mucoperiosteal Pocket with the Scarpa Fascia Graft in Secondary Alveolar Bone Grafting: A Retrospective Controlled Outcome Study. Lonic, Daniel;Yamaguchi, Kazuaki;Chien-Jung Pai, Betty;Lo, Lun-Jou / 長庚紀念醫院;長庚大學
The Pediatric infectious disease journal Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal. 36(10):e252-e257, 2017 Oct Intussusception-related Hospitalizations Among Infants Before and After Private Market Licensure of Rotavirus Vaccines in Taiwan, 2001-2013. Yen, Catherine;Shih, Shu-Man;Tate, Jacqueline E;Wu, Fang-Tzy;Huang, Yhu-Chering;Parashar, Umesh D;Hsiung, Chao A / 國家衛生研究院;衛生福利部疾病管制署;長庚紀念醫院;長庚大學
Transplantation Transplantation. 101(10):2484-2491, 2017 Oct Pancreas Transplantation From Pediatric Donors: A United Network for Organ Sharing Registry Analysis. Spaggiari, Mario;Bissing, Martha;Campara, Maya;Yeh, Chun-Chieh;Tzvetanov, Ivo;Jeon, Hoonbae;Benedetti, Enrico / 中國醫藥大學附設醫院;中國醫藥大學
Hypertension (Dallas, Tex. : 1979) Hypertension. 70(4):721-728, 2017 Oct Increased Risk of New-Onset Hypertension After Shock Wave Lithotripsy in Urolithiasis: A Nationwide Cohort Study. Huang, Shi-Wei;Tsai, Chung-You;Wang, Jui;Pu, Yeong-Shiau;Chen, Pei-Chun;Huang, Chao-Yuan;Chien, Kuo-Liong / 國立臺灣大學醫學院附設醫院;亞東紀念醫院;中國醫藥大學;國立臺灣大學
Critical care medicine Critical Care Medicine. 45(10):1625-1634, 2017 Oct Determinants of Receiving Palliative Care and Ventilator Withdrawal Among Patients With Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation. Chen, Yang-Ching;Fan, Hsien-Yu;Curtis, J Randall;Lee, Oscar Kuang-Sheng;Liu, Chih-Kuang;Huang, Sheng-Jean / 臺北市立聯合醫院;台北醫學大學;國立陽明大學;輔仁大學;國立臺灣大學