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整型外科 Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.   127 (Supplement 1S, Wound Healing Supplement):228S-238S, January 2011. Role of Microsurgery in Lower Extremity Reconstruction. Engel, Holger MD;  Lin, Chih-Hung MD;  Wei, Fu-Chan MD;長庚醫院;長庚大學醫學院
新陳代謝科 Epidemiology. S291, January 2011. The Mechanism of Arsenic-mediated High Cholesterol Diet Exacerbate Insulin-dependent Depressive Mice. Cheng, Tain-Junn; Tsai, Wan-Chen; Jung Chen, Kuan; Chen, Yu-Chun; Zheng, Sheng-Yuan; Chuu, Jiunn-Jye; Guo, Haw-Ran;奇美醫院;嘉南大學;成功大學;南台科大
神經內科 Epidemiology. S290-S291, January 2011. The Association of Lead Exposure and Impairment of Brainstem Auditory-evoked Response and Cochlea Function. Chiu, Yu-Wen;  Lin, Tao-Loung;  Chen, Chien-Juan;  Chen, Yi-Chun;  Chuang, Hung-Yi;高雄市立大同醫院;高雄醫學大學
分子醫學 Epidemiology. S290, January 2011. Hexavalent Chromium-induced ROS Formation, Subsequent Akt, NF-[kappa]B, and MAPK Activation, and TNF-[alpha], and IL-1[alpha] Production in Keratinocytes, Which Might Facilitate the Progression of Chromium Hypersensitivity. Wang, Bour-Jr;  Sheu, Hamm-Min;  Guo, Yue-Liang;  Lee, Yu-Hsuan ;  Lai, Ching-Shu;  Pan, Min-Hsiung;  Wang, Ying-Jan;成功大學;台灣大學;高雄海洋科大
分子醫學 Epidemiology. S289, January 2011. Mercury Concentration of Whole Blood and Red Blood Cell in Taiwan Residents. Chen, Jein-Wen;  Chang, Chun-Chih;  Wang, Shu-Li;國家衛生研究院
內科 Epidemiology. S289, January 2011. Renal Effects of Blood Mercury and Lead Among Chinese Herbalists. Lin, Hsing-Hua;  Chou, Shan-An;  Yang, Hsiao-Yu;  Hwang, Yaw-Huei;  Lo, Tsai-Chang;  Kao, Tze-Wah;  Chen, Pau-Chung;台灣大學及附設醫院;慈濟醫院
婦產科/兒科 Epidemiology. S287-S288, January 2011. Prenatal, Perinatal, and Early Postnatal Risk Factors of Childhood Asthma. Chen, Yang-Ching;  Tsai, Ching-Hui;  Lee, Yungling Leo;台灣大學
婦產科/兒科 Epidemiology. S287, January 2011. Prenatal and Postnatal Exposure to Phthalates and the Relation to Steroid Hormone and Gender Role Behavior in Children. Wang, Shu-Li;  Ku, S. Y.;  Su, B. H.;  Huang, H. L.;  Liao, P. C.;國家衛生研究院;中山醫學大學;高雄醫學大學;成功大學
婦產科/兒科 Epidemiology. S278, January 2011. CYP1A1 Modifies the Effect of Maternal Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke on Child Behavior. Hsieh, Chia-Jung;  Jeng, Suh-Fang;  Su, Yi-Ning;  Liao, Hua-Fang;  Hsieh, Wu-Shiun;  Wu, Kuen-Yuh;  Chen, Pau-Chung;台灣大學
婦產科/兒科 Epidemiology. S275, January 2011. Cost-effectiveness of Screening in an Outbreak. Wang, I-Jen;  Huang, Yeun-Chih;  Chen, Pau-Chung;  Wu, Yu-Nian;  Lin, Shoei-Loong;中國醫藥大學;成功大學
外科 Epidemiology. S274, January 2011. Varicose Veins in Hairdressers and Associated Risk Factors. Chen, Chao-Lin;  Guo, How-Ran;成功大學
環境工程 Epidemiology. S273, January 2011. Computer-adaptive Assessment of Individual Mental Perceptions of Job Contents on a Website for Workplace Employees. Su, Shih-Bin;  Chien, Tsair-Wei;  Guo, How-Ran;奇美醫院;南台科大;嘉南科大;成功大學
環境工程 Epidemiology. S272, January 2011. Accidents Associated With Education or Research Among University Students. Tseng, Yen-Cheng;  Tseng, Hsiu-Chu;  Guo, How-Ran;長榮大學;成功大學
新陳代謝科 Epidemiology. S261, January 2011. Metabolic Syndrome and Its Related Factors in an Endemic Area of Dioxin Exposure in Southern Taiwan. Huang, Chien-Yuan;  Guo, How-Ran;  Wu, Jin-Shang;  Wu, Cheng-Long;  Chang, Jung-Wei;  Lee, Ching-Chang;  Wang, Ying-Jan;  Kuo, Yau-Chang;  Yang, Yi-Ching;成功大學;奇美醫院
精神科 Epidemiology. S258, January 2011. Subjective Annoyance From Exposure to Low Frequency Noise of Semiconductor Manufacturing in the Packaging and Testing Processes. Chao, Pao-Chiang;  Chen, Chiou-Jong;  Tsao, Ta-Ho;  Dai, Yu-Tung;  Juang, Yow-Jer;台北醫學大學;大仁科大;中華醫事科大;長榮大學
精神科 Epidemiology. S257, January 2011. Effects of Noise Exposure at Different Frequencies on Hypertension in Workers. Tseng, Chih-Hao;  Liu, Chiu-Shong;  Chang, Ta-Yuan;中國醫藥大學及附設醫院
環境工程 Epidemiology. S257, January 2011. Effects of Noise Exposure at Different Frequencies on Hearing Loss in Workers. Jian, Shen-En;  Liu, Chiu-Shong;  Chang, Ta-Yuan;中國醫藥大學及附設醫院
環境工程 Epidemiology. S256-S257, January 2011. Assessment of Combined Effects From Exposure to Cold Stress, Hand-arm Vibration and Noise. Chao, Pao-Chiang;  Tsao, Ta-Ho;  Chen, Chiou-Jong;  Dai, Yu-Tung;  Juang, Yow-Jer;大仁科大;台北醫學大學;中華醫事科大;長榮大學
耳鼻喉科 Epidemiology. S256, January 2011. The Research of Hearing Loss in Polyester Fiber Workers. Chang, Shu-Ju;  Wei, Chieh-Yu;真理大學;文化大學
工業安全 Epidemiology. S254-S255, January 2011. The Pilot Study of Specific Biomarkers in Health Effects Among Engineered Nanoparticles Manufacturing Workers. Liou, Saou-Hsing;  Lin, Ming-Hsiu;  Hsu, Ching-Hui;  Tsou, Cuei-Jyun;  Li, Hui-Ling;  Li, Wan-Fen;  Lin, Pin-Pin;  Li, Li-An;國家衛生研究院;勞工安全衛生研究所
內科 Epidemiology. S250, January 2011. Ostensibly Ineffectual Doses of Cadmium and Lipopolysaccharide Causes Liver Damage in Rats. Su, Shih-Bin;  Liu, Ming-Yie;奇美醫院;南台科大;成功大學
工業安全 Epidemiology. S248, January 2011. The Health Effects of the Electromagnetic Field Associated With Mobile Phone Base Station: A Provocation Study. Chiang, Jui-Chin;  Cheng, Ya-Yun;  Cheng, Tain-Junn;  Huang, Chien-Yuan;  Chuang, Ya-Ting;  Guo, How-Ran;成功大學;高雄長庚醫院;奇美醫院
環境工程 Epidemiology. S232, January 2011. Urinary 1-Hydroxypyrene Levels in Children Residing Near a Coal-fired Power Plant and a Steel-manufacturing Mill. Chan, Yun-jung;  Hu, Suh-woan;  ChangChien, Guo-ping;  Shie, Ruei-Hao;  Chan, Chang-chuan;台灣大學;中山醫學大學;正修科大
環境工程 Epidemiology. S231-S232, January 2011. Assessments of PAHs Exposure and Health Effects for Foundry's Workers. Chen, Hsiu-Ling;  Lin, Ming-Hsiu;  Chen, Chiou-Jong;  Liu, Hung-Hsiu;弘光科大;勞工安全衛生研究所;中山醫學大學
內科 Epidemiology. S227, January 2011. Increased Mortality in Diabetics Exposed to Ozone. Wu, Ting-Ting;  Chen, Chu-Chih;  Cheng, Tsun-Jen;台灣大學;國家衛生研究院
工業安全 Epidemiology. S224, January 2011. Southern Taiwan Dust Concentration and Variations in Wind Speed. Mei Chen, She;  Chu, Chi-Hong;國防醫學院
內科 Epidemiology. S222, January 2011. Environmental Factors and Lung Cancer: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Content of Traffic Airborne PM2.5 and AhR Gene Expression. Lin, Susana;  Chen, Guan-Wen;  Lin, Yong-Yang;  Wang, Shu-Li;國家衛生研究院
眼科 Epidemiology. S222, January 2011. Increased Risk of Acute and Chronic Conjunctivitis Associated With Ambient Air Quality in Taiwan. Wang, Yu-Chun;  Chiang, Chun-Chi;  Sung, Fung-Chang;  Liao, Chien-Chang;  Chen, Pei-Chun; 中原大學;中國醫藥大學
環境工程 Epidemiology. S207, January 2011. The Trend of Atmospheric Ozone Concentration in Taiwan, 1996-2009. Cheng, Hsin-Yi 1;  Lin, Yaoh-Shiang;國防醫學院;三軍總醫院
環境工程 Epidemiology. S193, January 2011. Air Pollution and Lung-function Growth Among School Children: a 3-year Cohort Study in Taiwan. Chen, Ya-Hui;  Lee, Yungling;  Hwang, Bing-Fang;中國醫藥大學;台灣大學
環境工程 Epidemiology. S191, January 2011. Characteristics of PM2.5 in Taiwan's 3 Largest Cities During 2006-2009. Chen, Hsiang-Ching;  Ku, Chih-Hung;國防醫學院
工業安全 Epidemiology. S187-S188, January 2011. The Effects of Volatile Organic Compounds Exposure on Inflammation and Oxidative Stress Among Assistants in Hair Salons. Lin, Lian-Yu;  Ma, Chih-Ming;  Chen, Hua-Wei;  Huang, Li-Chu;  Li, Jyu-Feng;  Chuang, Kai-Jen;台灣大學;聖母醫護管理專校
環境工程 Epidemiology. S165, January 2011. Prenatal and Postnatal Lead Exposure and Intelligence Quotient in Children at 2, 5, and 8 Years Old in Taiwan. Huang, Po-Chin;  Su, Pen-Hua;  Tsai, Jin-Lian;  Chen, Hsin-I;  Chen, Hsiao-Yen;  Huang, Hsin-I;  Wang, Shu-Li;國家衛生研究院;中山醫學大學;高雄醫學大學;臺灣師範大學
兒科 Epidemiology. S163, January 2011. Early-life Household Environmental Exposures Increase the Risk of Childhood Asthma. Chen, Yang-Ching;  Tsai, Ching-Hui;  Lee, Yungling;台灣大學
內科 Epidemiology. S159, January 2011. The Effects of Short-term Air Pollution Exposure on Blood Pressure Changes in Nonsmoking Adults. Chen, Szu-Ying;  Lin, Yu-Lun;  Chan, Chang-Chuan;台灣大學;義大醫院;義守大學
環境工程 Epidemiology. S158, January 2011. Taiwan Birth Cohort Studies on Children's Environmental Health. Chen, Pau-Chung;台灣大學及附設醫院
內科 Epidemiology. S129-S130, January 2011. Cardiovascular Disease Risk Linked to Insulin Resistance in Persons Exposed to Moderate-to-high Levels of Dioxin. Chang, Jung-Wei;  Chen, Hsiu-Ling;  Su, Huey-Jen;  Liao, Po-Chi;  Lee, Ching-Chang;成功大學;弘光科大
內科 Epidemiology. S127-S128, January 2011. Phthalate Exposure May Affect Girl Puberty Via Stimulation of Kisspeptin-54 Secretion. Chen, Chung-Yu;  Wu, Yu-Min;  Chou, Yen-Yin;  Lin, Shio-Jean;  Lee, Ching-Chang;成功大學
耳鼻喉科 Epidemiology. S110, January 2011. The Study of Hearing Loss in Metal Furniture Manufacturing Workers. Chang, Shu-Ju;  Wei, Chieh-Yu;真理大學;中國文化大學
工業安全 Epidemiology. S110, January 2011. Mortality Among Ship-breaking Workers--A Retrospective Cohort Study. Wu, Wei-Te;  Lin, Yu-Jen;  Yang, Ya-Hui;  Yang, Chun-Yuh;  Hsu, Jin-Huei;  Wu, Trong-Neng;陽明大學;國家衛生研究院;輔英科大;高雄醫學大學;中國醫藥大學
泌尿科 Epidemiology. S73, January 2011. Quantification of Urinary Melamine Among Urolithiasis in Taiwan by Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry. Wu, Chia-Fang;  Liu, Chia-Chu;  Chen, Bai-Hsiun;  Huang, Shu-Pin;  Lee, Hei-Hwa;  Chou, Yii-Her;  Wu, Wen-Jeng;  Wu, Ming-Tsang;高雄醫學大學;高雄小港醫院
婦產科 Epidemiology. S68, January 2011. Risk of Stillbirth in Relation to Disinfection By-products in Taiwan. Hwang, Bing-Fang;  Jaakkola, Jouni;中國醫藥大學
分子科學 Epidemiology. S67, January 2011. Public Perceptions of Nanotechnology in Taiwan. Lin, Yi-Ping;  Li, Ya-Ru;  Chou, Kuei-Tien;  Cheng, Tsun-Jen;陽明大學;台灣大學
兒科 Epidemiology. S64, January 2011. Childhood Leukemia and Traffic Air Pollution in Taiwan: Petrol Station Density as an Indicator. Weng, Hsu-Huei;  Tsai, Shang-Shyue;  Chiu, Hui-Fen;  Wu, Trong-Neng;  Yang, Chun-Yuh;嘉義長庚醫院;義守大學;高雄醫學大學;中國醫藥大學
內科 Epidemiology. S33, January 2011. Evaluation of 1,4-dichlorobenzene Exposure and Associated Health Effects: Hematologic, Kidney, and Liver Functions in Moth Repellent Workers. Hsiao, Pao-Kuei;  Shih, Tung-Sheng;  Chen, Chia-Yang;  Chiung, Yin-Me;  Lin, Yi-Chang;台灣大學;中國醫藥大學;國防醫學院;稻江科大
內科 Epidemiology. S20-S21, January 2011. Extreme Precipitation and Climate-related Infectious Diseases in Taiwan Chen, Mu-Jean;  Wu, Pei-Chih;  Su, Huey-Jen;成功大學;長榮大學
內科 Epidemiology. S20, January 2011. Climate Warming and Cardiovascular Mortality in 2040-2050 in Taiwan. Sung, Fung-Chang 1;  Wang, Yu-Chun 2;  Huang, Ling-Ya;中國醫藥大學;中原大學
環境工程 Soil Science.   176(1):33-38, January 2011. Low-Molecular-Weight Organic Acids Exuded by Millet (Setaria italica (L.) Beauv.) Roots and Their Effect on the Remediation of Cadmium-Contaminated Soil. Chiang, Po Neng;  Chiu, Chih-Yu;  Wang, Ming Kuang;  Chen, Bi-Tzu;台灣大學;中央科學研究院
眼科 Retina.   31(1):99-104, January 2011. INFLUENCE OF SYSTEMIC STEROIDS ON SUBRETINAL FLUID AFTER SCLERAL BUCKLE SURGERY FOR MACULA-OFF RETINAL DETACHMENT. Wu, Jian-Sheng MD;  Lin, Chun-Ju MD;  Hwang, Jiunn-Feng MD;  Chen, San-Ni MD;彰化基督教醫院;中山醫學大學